CRS Morning Star


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Welcome aboard the Mon Calamari Starcruiser Morning Star! The Morning Star is the newest capital ship in the Alliance Fleet, and home to Red Squadron and its Flight Support Staff.

The Morning Star is for fans of Star Wars who enjoy interacting with others in a constructed fashion. Games are not required to join, but are welcome if so desired.

Please feel free to take a look around the ship. We highly recommend all new visitors check in at at the Bridge for news and information. The Morning Star welcomes new pilots and crewmembers of all skills for combat duty; please see the Quarters section for more information on the individual groups aboard ship, including how to join.

To navigate the corridors of the Morning Star, use the console’s Navigation Menu on the top, or use the links below:

News and other information about the Morning Star and the Alliance

Advice from the experts and technical data on Alliance and Imperial craft

Meet the personnel that make up the pilots and their support staff aboard the Morning Star. Also click here forĀ recruiting information.

Flight Deck
Missions and other files for X-Wing and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Come relax, share stories or read about the adventures of the Morning Star and her crew

Grab the next shuttle to other Alliance ships or other locations of interest in the galaxy

Credits and legal/technical information

Sponsor Information
Online Gaming Website: euwin slot games

Contact Information
Joint Command Staff: cmd at crs-morningstar dot net