Replacing space fighters with Lawyers

We live in the 21st Century where everything is changing with a rapid pace. Even the spaceships have turned into war crafts that can handle any attacks from the other world. But, what if the layers are put in place of space fighters? Will they use laser beams or bring their intelligence at work? Suppose there is a situation where the Morning Star (super spacecraft built in Earth) has been attacked by a group of alien war crafts with lawyers being the saviour of our planet Earth. Here are some unthinkable acts that they can actually do:

Issue an invoice: In due course of invasion there may be firing from both the sides. However, you may assume a lawyer to communicate with the enemy and issue them an invoice for the damages that the space craft has suffered due to their actions. Moreover, threats may also be given about dragging the matter to the court in failure to pay the stated amount. (They can! Because they are lawyers)

Grant the power of Attorney: Some lawyers are very clear in their approach. When they observe that things are getting out of their hand, they prefer to skip than to suffer. An agreement may be signed in between the attack where the power would be transferred to the aliens provided no one else comes to know of it. (Can become a little selfish when there is a threat for life)

Go on a lease Agreement: Some lawyers are very smart. Their potential to judge the prevailing situation and forecast is very good. Given the severe degradation of natural resource in Earth, they may offer the Earth to the aliens on lease basis. In return, the aliens would automatically use their advanced technology to restore the loss. Cunning lawyers!

Sign a promissory note: Aliens could also be asked to sign on a note that promises not to harm any people or living object on earth. Apart, form that they can use our planet as their home. They can use our bathrooms, our kitchen, our bedroom, our living rooms and even our television shows! We will live together, eat together and sleep together. Ok! Remove the last clause.

Fighting with weapons is not always the answer to a war. Sometimes, there can be easier as well as more sustainable solution for people’s problem. Pay stub may look merrier but what really matters is a happy family that lives with peace. At present, we are threatened by aliens but they are not from any second world, but are within us. It is the wrong that we do along with the things we consider to be insignificant in our life. Consider your life as a bill of sale that is recording all your wrong deeds in a single list and your objectivity is to maintain the amount as low as possible because there is no second chance after you leave this world. Be smart and gracious but not dull and greedy.

Thank you very much